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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Free Books Online

Reading great works is essential for writers, and rich sources of reading materials are free online. Please visit these valuable sites often, and browse in your areas of interest. You may be surprised at the titles offered. I read many of these brilliant works in my youth, and I plan to read many more of them.

My choices for the most valuable resources:

Project Gutenburg

Free eBooks…There are more than 17,000 free books in the Gutenburg Online Book Catalog. Included in the collection: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Canterbury Tales, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Through the Looking Glass, and The Wonderful Land of OZ

The collection also includes audio books in MP3 format.

Microsoft Free eBooks

More than 1500 eBooks available for free.

Free readers are also available for download:

Microsoft Reader for Desktop or Laptop PC

Microsoft Reader for Tablet PC

Microsoft Reader for Pocket PC

University of Virginia Library Etext Center

Over 2,100 publicly available including classic British and American fiction, major authors, children’s literature, American history, Shakespeare, African-American documents, the Bible, and much more.

A free Palm ebook reader is also available on this site.

Free eReader for Palm OS

Please pass this information along to anyone you believe will be interested in these remarkable resources.